a very warm welcome

hello there!  i’m steph kayla, and this is my blog.

i’m a high schooler (class of 2019) and love the written word, books, aesthetics, nature, cooking, finding joy in little things, and being completely organized. high school can be pretty chaotic, so i hope to encourage anyone going through a chaotic time to come here to destress and get advice. i’m excited to share a piece of my life with you guys while seeing myself grow along the way.  this blog is dedicated to lifestyle, organization, and positivity, things i’ve struggled with and have overcome, and things i’ve yet to conquer.  i have a lot of tips and tricks, random facts, and life hacks up my sleeves.

i’ve had countless blogs in the past, all of them anonymous or under a pseudonym, but i really wanted to set my priorities straight.  blogging isn’t really about seeing how many people will read your content or how many followers you get; it’s about creating real connections with other people, sharing ideas, and ultimately creating a reciprocal, ripple effect of exchanges, be it inspiration, revelations, or simply peace of mind.  thus, i wanted to simplify this blog to focus solely on the posts and the people reading the posts (you guys!)–minimalism, if you will (article coming soon on that), and, thus, i’m allowing people i know personally to read this blog and know it’s me.  there’s something unique about being able to hide behind a pen name, a mask, but it’s also an opportunity to become inauthentic. with this blog, simplicity is the ultimate mantra.

i’m calling this blog (as of now) “youtube for the avid reader,” as i’ll basically be creating content that can be associated with youtube channels (life hacks, advice, room tours, diys, recipes, what’s in my bag, etc., etc.).

well, that’s it for now! i’ll be busy creating new content for you guys in the next few weeks. thanks for stopping by and come back soon!


steph kayla.


p.s. you can get to know me better from an old blog i’ve had, although it’s definitely embarrassing.  click here.  you may have also viewed my old “non profit” website, amaranthine dreams (currently disabled; was hosted by weebly).

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