travel diary: ireland + london

this summer i had the chance to visit the city of london and drive around the beautiful countries of ireland and northern ireland!  below are some pictures and a slideshow of a few breathtaking scenes i got to see.

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i went for a little over two weeks which was just enough to see the major tourist sites in london and get a nice overview of ireland (my family and i were able to drive the whole circumference of ireland and northern ireland).

i’ve never been outside north america before, and the trip was perfect as there wasn’t any culture shock (although i did have to deal with jet lag!). it was amazing to see a slightly different culture with different customs, try traditional foods, and be surrounded by accents. i personally enjoyed ireland more (london was extremely hot when we went) as i’m definitely more of a country person than i am a city person.  i loved hiking and exploring ruins, forests, and farms.

quick travel tips:

  • pack lightly, especially for a road trip: you don’t want to be carrying heavy suitcases around; see if there are washing machines where you’re staying + only bring necessities
  • do the research before hand: make an outline of the places you want to go and book tickets in advance so the trip is stress free and relaxing; also be prepared for the country you’re going to (different electrical outlets, currency, driving rules, laws, customs)
  • be prepared to scratch your itinerary and do something else: when you get there, things might be different than you pictured
  • try air bnb: i tried air bnb for the first time this trip and it was overall an amazing experience–you get more immersed in the country and you can feel more at home. some places serve warm comfort foods, and you can rent a huge house to yourself for a pretty nice deal
  • use uber: in london, uber was a lifesaver and was a more economical option compared to taxis.  you can get around pretty fast and it’s definitely worth the cost (note that as far as i could tell there was no uber available in ireland)
  • try renting a car: it might be pretty scary, especially since you might be driving on a different side of the road from what you’re used to, but it really helps with the flexibility of your itinerary and seeing places that many tourists can’t as easily access.


steph kayla.



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