the environmental challenge

through an immersion trip over the summer which focused on the environment, along with perspectives gained through my ap environmental science class and my own personal musings, i’ve learned to care much more about the planet i live in.  here are a few simple tips to change your lifestyle and impact both our and our children’s futures.

  1. get perspective.  calculate your footprint here and realize just how many resources you use on a daily basis.  a lot of times we don’t realize that our actions are harmful and thus don’t make any adjustments.
  2. shop locally.  products, especially produce, that are made in other countries require much energy to ship to your location. as a bonus, by buying locally, you can choose who you’re supporting and establish personal relationships with the maker of the product.  for instance, you can support small, family-owned businesses rather than chains.  buy from a farmer’s market, if possible, or, if buying at a supermarket, don’t be afraid to ask where a product is sourced.
  3. buy organic.  sure, organic produce can be expensive, but think about all the pollution that pesticides put into air, water, and soil (not to mention, into your body!).
  4. eat your veggies!  this one’s pretty common, but did you realize that eating more vegetables and less meat means you’re eating lower down the food chain?  this means that less energy goes into making your veggies rather than your chickens or cows.


steph kayla.

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