finding meaning

a lot of times life gets tough.

a lot of times life seems unbearable.

a lot of times life feels meaningless.

we find ourselves going through the same old motions every day, be it going to school, to work, to meetings, to events…the list goes on and on. we are creatures of habit, and at times we find relief in the steady order of routine.  but the majority of the time, repetition gets old and we find ourselves wondering if we’ll wash dishes every night for the rest of our lives or if we’ll keep cramming for exams until we get a job or if we’ll keep working until we’ve aged so much we can’t.

in such cases, it’s important for us to reevaluate our lifestyles and choices–do we really want to keep living a life if we’re questioning the true value of our work? we should strive to pursue our passions and, as cliche as it is, live for the moment, in the moment. stop putting your to do list of dreams for tomorrow and work on it, however small a step in the right direction it may be. write one sentence if your goal is to write a book. go on one walk around the block if your goal is to run a marathon.  whatever it is, be ruthless in the pursuit of your dream but  never feel defeated if you cannot realize your dream in a single day.  very few people with great dreams can.

it’s all baby steps. baby steps. crawl if you have to.

your dreams matter. you matter.

and i guarantee life is full of meaning if you’re willing to look.


an excerpt from something i’m working on:

“i have discovered the meaning of life, and that is that there is no one meaning of life, no one Truth.  there exists only the truth, and the truth has mutated for each of us to conform to our own perspectives.  your truth may be different than mine, but yours is no more right than mine. the truth is for each to tell.  the meaning of life, therefore, is what you make it to be.”


steph kayla.

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