my book and what’s next

just a lil update:

as many of you probably know, my book all the things i wish i said has been available for preorder (check it out here) and will be released in two weeks. it’s always been my dream to publish my work, but i found that sharing my words with so many people is quite intimidating. in fact, if you read my book faq, i cut over 50% of my poems from the book because they revealed me on too deep a level.  many of the poems don’t fully reveal the depth of my thought or portray my thoughts as genuinely as possible, although they each are very real and personal to me to some degree.

currently, i’m working on three more books (i have no idea when they’ll be out–could be two months or two years). i’m writing other little pieces here and there. i have a bazillion drafts in my blog folder.  i’m reading more. i’m experimenting with various styles and structures and ideas. i’m also working on a very interesting nonprofit project which will be announced sometime in the new year and which is being funded by the proceeds from sales of all the things i wish i said.

so, yeah. there’s a lot coming for you. get psyched.


steph kayla.


poems that didn’t make the cut (for reasons other than being too personal):


here’s to the loving

the hating

the world that’s


the healing

the hoping




is just

a little boy’s game

played by

grown men


the same little boys

grow to be

the same old men

with little difference

but that


skinned knees are not


but that

little boys’ dreams

are not fueled

but smothered


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  1. I’m psyched !!!!


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