year in review


what better time to reflect on 2017 than at the end of january!

2017 has been one amazing, crazy journey. just a few highlights include

  • the conclusion of my first two aps
  • the starting of six
  • the beginning of dreaded junior year
  • international travels
  • california road trips

the evolution of sophomores-turned-juniors intellectually and mentally is appalling and most times for the better.  moving onward, i hope in 2018 all juniors out there continue to develop intellectually/mentally and stay strong–less than a semester left!  some resolutions to consider:

  • spending time w family/friends before college
  • getting quality sleep
  • eating and drinking well
  • staying/getting organized
  • prioritizing that most meaningful
  • prioritizing mental health
  • developing self-confidence regardless achievements
  • enjoying life as is or making necessary changes


steph kayla.

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