sleep more, study less

my new year’s resolution was to get enough sleep each night. knowing it would be a tough goal and a hard transition, i set my goal to 8.5 hours of sleep each night.

it has now been a little over a month and the habit is being solidified as part of my daily routine. i have not broken my goal yet and more often than not get much more than 8.5 hours. here’s some thoughts:

  • it’s definitely worthwhile. i have never felt better mentally, emotionally, and academically. school has become easier to manage in terms of homework, studying, and testing. efficiency is maximized, and my grades are higher than ever before. i rarely study hard/long at home as i am better able to pay attention in class.
  • you’ll feel happier. when your body is happy, your brain is happy. trust me. plus, you’ll wake up without the tinge of regretting going to bed so late and be ready to start the day off positively.
  • you’ll be more energetic.  this one’s obvious but important. getting enough sleep allows you to finish your schoolwork or activities on time each afternoon/evening, and allows you to sleep even more or spend time on your passions. you just have to get into the cycle, which is the hardest part.
  • my favorite part about not being sleep deprived is that for the majority of the time, i’m on top of my activities/workload and organized. everything is completed on time and i have time to not only complete the bare minimum but to go above and beyond on each activity, doing my best. i’ve enjoyed pursuing my passions.
  • it helps to change other areas of your life to help get your hours of sleep.  eat dinner earlier, shower earlier, finish homework promptly, and seize every opportunity to shut off the phone (especially right before bed). find all the little time-wasters and habits that are eating up valuable daytime (which ebbs into nighttime) and make a concrete plant to get rid of them. eat healthfully and drink plenty of water to maximize the beautiful benefits of sleep.


steph kayla.

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