in celebration of you

you are enough.

your triumphs are not a measure of the activities you put on your resume or the trophies you’ve won; your success is not defined by the number of college acceptances you receive (news flash: you can only accept one).

you are resilient not because you can stand at the apex of a mountain, wipe the sweat off your forehead, and admire the view, but because you can look at a mountain and say “let’s do this” (even if in a small and semi-quivering voice).

your happiness is not a derivative of the world you made work or even the world that makes you work but the intrinsic desire to keep fighting through life simply because it is there.

meaning is not the fruit of the world kneeling at your feet in awe of your glory and power; rather, when you find meaning, the world will crumble at your feet because meaning is not something tangible enough for the world to comprehend.

and even if you are not someone else’s world you are your own.  you that are trapped within a body and mind equipped with faulty instruments can entertain yourself with the tangible, but do not forget that existence is closer than your breath.

and when you stand up or stand alone or stand apart you can always be certain of the one person who will be there for you: you.

and, sure, you can fight a million battles or win a thousand wars, but the world is and will always be unforgiving and unrelenting.  there will always be another battle.  there will always be another war.

and if you choose to try to climb the Impossible Climb you may very well feel that you are near the summit, perfection a fingernail’s length within reach, but you’d be wrong, and you’d be heartbroken.

stop trying to prove yourself to the world.  bodies and minds and words and convictions are flawed, and the world knows it, and the world subsists on it.  perhaps instead if you believed that you were the standard of you (and she were the standard of she) the world would be stupefied by the conundrum of self-love it so rarely glimpses.

so offer your package of numbers and passions and activities to the altar of the admissions committee.  offer your resume riddled with experiences you suppose define your interests to an employer.  offer your slightly sweat-beaded hand to the person you admire. but don’t forget that your definition is not one you can look up but one you can look for within. don’t forget your heart that is beating solely for you.

there is far too much heartbreak in the world already. the world needs love and happiness and poise and there is not enough. and the world needs you.

you are enough.


steph kayla.

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