be your own boss

a short & simple thought:

one of the most important lessons i’ve learned–especially through the dreaded and stressful junior year–is to always be the one in control of your own life. take initiative. stand up for yourself. set goals. make deadlines. hold yourself accountable.

being “your own boss” means looking first toward yourself–your own ideals, visions, morals, and beliefs–before looking to others for opinions and guidance. mentors are awesome, but your first and foremost reference should be the one person who you know best and who must take full responsibility for your actions.  failure to be your own boss will in turn lead to the blind or begrudging following of ideals or morals you do not agree with, which in turn will lead to an unfulfilled and unhappy life.

take control of your own life because it is the one thing you can truly call yours and only yours; let your life be lead by your ambition first and foremost.


steph kayla.

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