happiness: in tips

i’m currently studying mental disorders (abnormal psych!!).

here are a few of the tricks i’ve tried that help me bring more positivity into my life!

if you are suffering from any mental disorder (e.x., anxiety, depression) do not hesitate to seek professional help. the sooner, the better.


Cognitive restructuring

  1. Start first with yourself. You (and others helping you) cannot change your mindset if you aren’t open to change.
  2. Meditate and practice mindfulness. Be in the moment.
  3. Focus on the bigger picture. That’s why religion is so important to some people: it gives a larger dimension to seemingly trivial aspects in life. Prayer is healing.

Things to do

  1. Get active. Exercise has been shown to boost positivity. Or, get out and do something which can be distracting or fun itself.
  2. Get social (maybe while getting active!). Hang out with close and real friends or supportive family members.
  3. Pet your dog (or someone else’s). Again, shown to boost mood.
  4. Self-care. Have some me-time. Eat mindfully but feel free to indulge on occasion. Drink plenty. Put on a face mask, unwind with Netflix, redo your hair/wardrobe/room, paint your nails, pursue your passions (reading, art, hobbies, music, etc.). Relax.

Some resources

  1. Try therapy. Some health care plans will cover it, and some jobs offer resources.
  2. 52 Lists for Happiness by Moorea Seal: use list prompts to reflect on what truly makes you happy, complete with a plan of action for each list.


3. The Little Book of Mindfulness by Dr Patrizia Collard: follow guided exercises and thought patterns in this cute little book.


4. Experience Hope Through Hist Presence: Jesus Today by Sarah Young: read through passages and verses that focus on themes such as anxiety and fears.


5. Eat Pretty Every Day by Jolene Hart: focus on yourself and what you put into your body. Practice self-care and see how the physical impacts the emotional.


6. DIY: your own journal. Get a journal and fill it with your thoughts & feelings or your favorite quotes, own coping mechanisms, things that make you happy, etc. Perhaps make it your own personalized help book.

7. Make an uplifting playlist for when you feel down. Use Spotify or the music app or listen to free radio stations like K-Love (107.3FM / 87.7FM for the Bay Area).


  1. 7 Cups: talk anonymously to trained volunteers for free about anything you like.
  2. Moodpath: track your feelings with daily questions in a supportive environment
  3. Headspace: guided meditations

for more resources, feel free to reach out. i’m here.


steph kayla.

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