“additional” poems

math = poetry.

sample of what’s coming soon.


Life is like a matrix.

Complexities in 3D.

Parallels and constants.

Free space and yet

The sinking feeling

Of having to cross

People on a different

Plane as you because

Your angles are not

Normal to each other.


Love given to an infinite

Amount of people  is worth

Nothing.  But love given

To nobody is worse: it’s

Undefined, love proven

To never have existed

At all.


Every point in space seems small and restricted.  But the composition of points produces a line; the composition of lines produces a plane; the composition of planes produces space itself.


She was an outlier in the world

Deviating too far from the norm

Scorned and rejected because she

Was too high, too great, too significant

So she set herself apart from the

Rigid social constructs

They were building and

Instead deemed herself a star *

At the center of her own



Steph Kayla

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