a season for change

Often in literary works, fall is portrayed as a symbol of the agonizing, sorrowful process of decay and death culminating in winter, or a final death, so to speak. Indeed, in a literal sense, it represents the end of a summer well-spent and of the warm, comforting rays that brighten the early morning. Yet fall is bittersweet. The holiday season is quick to fill agendas and perk up spirits; the crunch of leaves beneath bundled-up toes is refreshingly nostalgic.

Sometimes change is beautiful. Without the few colorful leaves or frosty mornings, the seasons might be quite dull; without a few new faces, new ideas, or new adventures, life might be quite boring. What I hope to focus on this coming holiday season is embracing change and the dynamic, evolving, and colorful nature of existence. Stop the mindless scrolling on the internet or social media. Stop the unnecessary “obligations” to things that really don’t matter––staying caught up or trying to water dead plants. Stop the constant mulling over the little issues that mean nothing or the big issues that can’t be controlled. Break free from habits and embrace the refreshing crispness of change.

New starts can happen every day. Halloween can be a reminder of community and giving, not receiving; Thanksgiving can be a reminder to focus on gratitude (even if the turkey’s a little burnt); and Christmas can this time be a reminder of presence, not presents. As the seasons change, how can you change as well? What negative habits can you replace? What area of your life feels lacking, and what can you do about it? What can you implement in your life to make life exciting and dynamic?


x steph kayla

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