all the things i wish i said

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just a little book of poetry; my thoughts and passions; my voice

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what is all the things i wish i said?

all the things i wish i said is a compilation of all my poems as a 16-year-old (but published right after i turned 17). the poems are my random, sporadic thoughts, my insights, and my passions. it’s self-published by stephthetics through

is this your first publication?

actually, it’s not! but this is the first non embarrassing publication. i will leave the rest hidden in the past, but i will say i did publish a children’s picture book at one point. (2018 EDIT: this is embarrassing, too. cringe!)

your inspiration for this book?

i got a lot of inspiration just from observations of the world around me, such as important people in my life or experiences that changed my perspective.  some poems come from weird shower thoughts, others from dreams, and still others from my english literature teachers, which i hurriedly scribbled down in class. and some just oddly pop into my head at the weirdest and oftentimes inopportune times.

any fun facts about the creation of this book?

i cut at least 50% of the poems in this book not because they were necessarily “bad” but because i felt they revealed too much about who i am as a person or my most secret and private thoughts. the book went from 100+ pages to 50+ pages.  maybe someday i’ll have the courage to publish those poems.



there are certain things

i never say

and certain things

i’d silent pray

things so secret

raw and real

things of truth

or things of feel

these are the things

inside my head

and all the things

i wish i said

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