project ilpc



“when life gives you lemons, you don’t have to settle for lemonade.

make iced lemon pound cake.”


project ilpc is an organization which serves to metaphorically make iced lemon pound cake for those that might have been given lemons. by baking and giving to people free iced lemon pound cakes, i request a small donation towards Hope of Glory Ministries.

  • to view my homemade iced lemon pound cake recipe i developed, click here.
  • to learn more about Hope of Glory Ministries, click here.
  • to watch a video of my sponsor brother who was part of the program, click here.

why lemons?

  • i developed an iced lemon pound cake recipe one summer to share with friends and family which since then has, to me, become a symbol of community
  • when life gives you lemons, make iced lemon pound cake
  • lemons are the most popular of all fruit trees sold in South Africa
  • lemon trees were planted in Kimberly during the Anglo-Boer War
  • lemon trees were planted in Soweto before the world cup

note that i only accept monetary donations in respect of the South African economy.

if you want me to bake you a pound cake, fill out the form below.

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